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Piping Fabrication:


Aligned has extensive experience in a wide range of piping fabrications, from basic straight spools to highly complex configurations for both low-pressure systems and extremely high-pressure applications.

We deploy and continuously develop a staff of highly skilled welders, fitters, fabricators, and supervisors.


Our welders are certified on a wide range of welding procedures such as SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, and Stainless steel welding, as we provide carbon steel, stainless steel, and HDPE welding services in shop or in the field. 

Our welding services include:

  • Specialized welding of exotic pipe spooling such as carbon steel piping.

  • Piping for low and high-pressure applications.

  • Fabrication and welding of pipe systems such as chilled water networks and oil & gas pipes.

  • Crossovers, flow lines and test equipment spooling.

  • On-site work.

  • Specialized plate and pipe welding.


Insulation & Cladding:


Fabrication and installation of all types of cladding, including Aluminum and Stainless Steel (SS), for pipes, fittings ducts, etc. for exposed services such as valve chambers, plant rooms, district cooling plants, parking floors and others.


Other services provided by Aligned include:

  • Infrastructure Works: Pressure and gravity piping works for retrained and non- restrained piping networks such as Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE), Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) piping installation and testing.

  • Manholes and Valve Chambers Works: We deliver top quality and are capable with the help of our experienced workforce to deliver chambers and manholes from A to Z meeting the specifications and in a timely manner. We have successfully contributed in delivering accelerated projects by constructing the chambers on FastTrack basis.


  • MEP Works: Aligned has a team of highly-skilled and experienced duct-men, plumbers and electricians led by competent engineers and veteran supervision. ​​

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